What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Marketing?


There are so many professions in the world that are in demand such as Graphic designing, software engineering, sales professionals, etc. But many professionals are in need, including “ Digital Marketing”.
In Today's world, every type of online business needs Digital marketing. It is like waiting for a ship at an airport if you’re doing your business without Digital marketing.
But every coin has two faces, so I will explain the advantages and disadvantages of Digital marketing in this article.
But before going further, Let’s understand what digital Marketing exactly is.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is also called online marketing, where a business reaches its customers through digital channels and electronic devices like laptops, desktops, mobile phones, tablets, etc.
It promotes their business through so many channels
  • Facebook marketing
  • Instagram Marketing
  • E-Mail marketing
  • Quora Marketing
  • Linkedin Marketing
  • Tiktok
  • Influencer marketing
  • Pay per click
  • Content marketing
  • Video Marketing

Two Ways Where You Can Reach Your Customers Through Digital Marketing

  • 1. Organic marketing
  • 2. Paid marketing
  • Organic marketing refers to E-marketing where businesses reach their target audience through posts, reels, and stories. It is free marketing that is done by social media managers to bring a larger audience to the business.
    Whereas, Paid marketing refers to marketing where a business pays money to social media platforms to run a campaign based on the target audience which includes country, gender, interests, etc.

    Paid Marketing or Organic Marketing. Which is Better?

    It depends on the objective, nature of the business, time factor, and budget.
    In my view, Both are good in their way, If I talk about organic marketing, then it takes time but it will be worth it because there are so many businesses that are doing wonders especially influencers who make their short video related to informative and entertainment and getting followers with this and in return, they are earning millions of rupees by sponsorships, collaborations, digital product and affiliate marketing.
    For, companies that have less time and follow up with immediate results then paid marketing is the right option that they can go for. So many big companies hire performance marketers to scale their business and bring good ROAS in return.
    One thing is also necessary for Paid marketing, that the company must have a good budget for where they can go for this type of marketing.
    I hope you guys till now you get a basic idea of what digital marketing is and its types. Now let’s understand the advantages and disadvantages of Digital marketing.
    Firstly I will cover the advantages and then will follow the Disadvantages.

    Advantages of Digital Marketing

    1. Brand development

    For every company, it's a profit that gives wings to it and it comes with the brand development. Times have changed. People have shifted from traditional marketing to modern marketing and modern marketing requires a digital platform to market that.
    So with the help of digital marketing, a Company can reach to large no. of audience in a short time.

    2. Easy to Find Target Customers

    Digital marketing allows the company to find prospecting customers and there is a term called target audience. For example, if the company has a digital marketing institute and wants a customer from Tier 1 cities. So they can set the target location of Tier 1 cities and set the custom audience interested in Digital marketing courses.

    3. Wider reach

    Almost every business is doing digital marketing and the main reason behind this is that it gives a wider reach. The most important want is that you can do organically by posting stories, reels, and videos through Social media platforms, and the more they share with their friend, the better content visibility you will get.

    4. Better results in less time

    Digital marketing helps in giving the best optimum results at a good time as it is online and can be accessible to all parts of the world. It is effortless to show your ads or content to millions of people and there is a very chance that you get conversions out of it at a good rate.

    5. Lowest Cost

    As compared to traditional marketing, digital marketing is very affordable. It is for all as many startups are using digital marketing as they come with limited budgets. I have seen the growth of startups and they are getting huge profits out of it.

    6. Track on Customer Insights

    With the help of digital marketing, you can track customer insights and their behavior like Clicks, impressions, views, add to cart, checkout initiated, and landing page views. These are the metrics that are very important for a businessman to look upon and with the help of these metrics, a businessman can make a strategy out of it.

    Disadvantages of Digital Marketing

    • 1. Not everyone is online
    • 2. High Competition
    • 3. Short attention time
    • 4. Unnecessary clicks lead to an increase in advertisement costs
    • 5. Requires Specialized skills.
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    How much time it will take to learn digital marketing?

    Digital marketing is a broader field and it includes so many skills, that you need to figure out which skills are required for a business and then slowly learn those skills. Usually, it takes 3 months to learn a new skill.

    Is Digital Marketing Cheaper?

    Compared to traditional marketing, it is way cheaper because it allows a targeting audience which ensures it eliminates the other users who aren’t interested in the product. Also, It allows personalized messages through e-mail campaigns which ensures a chance of sale at no cost.

    Is Digital marketing still profitable?

    Yes, digital marketing is profitable because it is accessible to many parts of the world and you can reach to large audience with less cost.

    Is Digital marketing less stressful?

    I must say it depends on the people and how they take that task. While it is a cool job because you can also get opportunities to work from home with flexible work hours.


    I want to conclude that, Digital marketing is a skill that everyone must learn and know because it’s a present and the future trend as everything is digitalized now. You must know how to operate this and put things into action.
    Although there is a huge competition in Digital marketing now, you can’t ignore the results of Digital marketing. Now every person can earn huge amounts of money from YouTube, affiliate marketing, Meta ads, and much more.
    I hope you get fair insights about digital marketing. Hope you liked the article and if you have any doubts or you want to say something, then please reach out to us via email or contact us.
    Thank You!