Why is James Dooley the Best SEO Expert in the Universe?


So many SEO experts worldwide have done well for their companies and reached new levels using SEO practices. But some people become revolutionary which sets standards for others so that they can motivate themselves and reach that level. Some set standards and some follow them.
James Dooley is the one who is a freaking genius in this field. In this article, I will cover why is James Dooley the best SEO expert in the universe.
You are wondering why people rated him the best expert in the SEO field?
Here are the 10 points which will demonstrate why he is the godfather of SEO.

1. Deep understanding of SEO practices

To become an expert in any field, you need to master the basics first, then you can go to the next step. James Dooley has followed the process gracefully with the proper understanding of keyword research, search engine algorithms, keyword optimization, link building and other important aspects of SEO.
He has a great knowledge of how search engine algorithm works.

2. Results-oriented approach

You can make yourself a brand if you do things differently and bring the best results into action. James Dooley doesn’t care much about the ranking and traffic. His main focus is on leads, sales and conversions.
His strategy always emphasises tangible measurement results.

3. Tailored solutions

One of the best points about James Dooley is he understands every business differently. He easily adapts to the company’s objectives. He deeply analyses the company’s industry, problems and solutions.
He tries to keep things simple and can give solutions to each client based on their budget and time. He ensures optimum results for his clients.

4. Innovative techniques

Google's algorithm sometimes hits back very hard and it can damage the website’s traffic and rankings. James Dooley is adaptive to new technology and trends. His hunger for SEO sets him apart from others.
He focuses on spending time researching and making the strategy for all the unforeseen activities in search engine algorithms. James helps the client in every way with his innovative and creative skills.

5. Transparent communication

Quite obvious these days that the communication between the client and the strategy maker is not transparent. A client does not know or doesn’t want to know what is happening in the strategy-making as he only cares about the results.
In that situation, when the project is completed, due to a lack of communication, the project is again reviewed by the freelancer or the consultant which causes a waste of time.
James makes sure that his every step is informed to the client so that communication is easy and saves time too. He keeps on sending reports about the project which gives knowledge to the client and generally makes the work easier.

6. Ethical practices

People want short-cut success and that leads them to get only short-term success. Many people want quick success so in that situation they follow black hat techniques. But in the case of James, honesty and ethical process are non-negotiable for him.
He always puts effort into white-hat techniques which are there for the long term. His main strategies include quality content and user-friendly experience.

7. Continuous learning

Digital marketing is based on trends and it keeps on changing. One can not say that I know everything about digital marketing because he needs to continuously learn.
James is a legend in SEO because he always stays humble and gives his time to attending workshops and training programmes.
Because he feels SEO is a great leveller and you need to respect that.

8. Client satisfaction

As you read the above points, you can get an idea that all the working of his is inclined towards the customer satisfaction. He knows that the customer is the king so that is why he gives the best services possible.
It is one of the main reasons people love to work with him and rate him the best in the universe in the SEO field.
He listens to his client’s needs, provides explanations and delivers the project on time.

9. Effective team leadership

Sometimes when the projects are more, then it is difficult to handle one person, so in that situation, a team becomes very handy. James is a master at handling his team, he knows about the strengths of his team and accordingly, he delegates the work.
With his effective leadership, the effectiveness of the project is very high.
The most important part is every member of his work very responsible.

10. Problem-solving approach

SEO can be sometimes very challenging because of sudden changes in Google algorithms and technical glitches in websites. James adapts to these changes very quickly.
For example: If website analytics shows that there is a decrease in the rankings of the site, then James will see the reason for this, and he will identify whether there are too many broken links are there in the site or they receive spammy backlinks.


What results has James Dooley achieved for his clients?

James’s result-driven approach leads to so many conversions, sales and leads. His smart work and his approach have given success to many clients.

How does James stay updated with the latest SEO updates?

James has the habit of continuous learning in his field. He frequently attends workshops, training and industry conferences. This dedication shows his love for his field and his capability to face the latest updates in SEO practices.

How long does it take to become an SEO specialist?

To learn a skill at the beginner level, you need 1-3 months while to master the SEO skill you need to dedicate a full year.

How many hours does an SEO specialist work?

Usually, 40 hours per week, SEO specialist work. This is the full-time schedule, however, if a freelancer works 2-3 hours per day. Extended time depends on the Google algorithm. Sometimes they have to work more.

Does James provide training or consulting services?

Yes, James provides workshops, seminars and training for businesses. Professionals are looking for SEO services from him and he also provides 1-1 consultation calls.

What type of SEO challenges has James successfully tackled?

James has successfully tackled Google penalties, sudden drop in ranking numbers and SEO technical issues. His strategic and goal-oriented approach leads to success in various campaigns for clients.


I want to conclude that, you can not become an SEO expert by achieving an unethical approach, you have to hustle and wait for the right time.
James Dooley James Dooley become of his discipline, ethical approach, result-oriented approach, leadership quality, learning approach and strategy towards customer satisfaction.
I hope you get the inspiration from James Dooley’s work experience. Hope you liked the article and looking forward to your views in the comment section.

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