Top 100 High DA Article Submission Sites for 2024(Free+ Paid)



SEO is essential for websites that want to gain an online presence and that is why many companies hire SEO professionals to increase their website rankings on Google Article submission is one of the most important parts of SEO.
So In this article, I will tell you the top notch-high DA Article submission sites for 2024.
But before heading to Article submission sites, Let's understand what article submission is and its benefits.

What is an Article Submission?

Article submission is a process of submitting your article to a different website that has a higher DR than yours and that helps in generating high-quality backlinks which leads to an increase in DR if you're getting follow links by the other website.

Do follow and No follow links. What to choose?

Do follow links refer to those links that allow the visitors to redirect to different websites and that ultimately increase the traffic as well as the DR of that particular website.
Whereas, No follow links prefer visitors to follow the links and it doesn’t give a result on search rankings however, you can get positive exposure through article submission sites.
So Do- follow links are the clear winner.

Benefits of Article Submission Sites

1. Getting Valuable Traffic

If your article goes viral, then you will get traffic to your website which ultimately increases the authority of the website. Therefore, article submission is a great way to gain traffic.

2. Gain New Users

Article submission sites help you to gain new users on your website because they act as a medium to showcase your article to users and whatever your call to action is, if the article is promising then you can convert the visitors also.

3. Getting Backlinks from The Website

Presents content on the Article submission sites will give you high-quality backlinks, which is one of the best methods to create backlinks.

4. Free Marketing

Article submission allows you to do free marketing as Social media sites are free to use so there is no need to spend money to promote your article and in return, you can get good results out of it.

5. Impress the Potential Customer Even Before Selling

There are so many users on social media sites and you can find your target customer very easily, so people can like your content and then later on become your permanent customers.

7 Tips to Consider Before Publishing High-quality Content

  1. The Article should be grammatically error-free.
  2. It should resonate with the topic.
  3. It must be SEO-friendly.
  4. The article should be 2-3 sentences so that it should not bore visitors.
  5. The Article must contain relevant keywords that have good search ranks so that the readers can find it easily.
  6. The Article should be 600-800 words.
  7. The Article must contain the relevant title.

How Do You Select a Perfect Site for Getting Your Article Published?

  1. The website must have good traffic and high DR.
  2. Their terms and conditions must be transparent.
  3. Before posting your article, make sure the prices are decided if this is paid.
  4. There should be in writing that your backlinks stay in the article.
  5. Make sure you know how many do-follow or no-follow links.
  6. The website should not be scammy and its complied with all the laws of its geographical location.

Top 50 Article Submission Sites for Free

Top 50 Paid Websites for Article Submission


What is a high DA website?

Although there are so many metrics that can calculate a good website in terms of traffic, backlinks, rankings, etc. But to be precise, websites like Apple and Microsoft have a DA between 90-100 which we call a high DA website.

How can I increase the DA of my website?

To increase the DA of your website, make sure you’re getting backlinks from high DA websites another thing you need to check, is that you shouldn’t just fall into the trap of high DA as you must also have to check the spam score of that particular website in which you are getting links from them.

What affects Domain Rating?

Well, the Domain rating depends on the backlink of the other website, if the domain rating of the website is high and the spam score is 0, then it’s a good chance that your website domain rating will be increased.

How do I find the DA of the website?

You can find out this on Moz Link Explorer, small SEO tools, Website authority checker, etc. You just have to fill in the URL in the blank box and then the DA of the website will appear.


To increase the backlinks of the website, you don’t need to go for shortcuts for backlinks as there are so many scammers saying that you pay us 3000-6000 Rupees and we will increase your DA or DR.
But trust me, if you do this, then your spam score will be increased and you will be penalized by Google.
It’s a slow and steady game you have to follow the right practices( following Google algorithm) and use article submission in your SEO work.